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An app by climbers, for climbers.

This app is designed to bring the climbing community closer together. There is a current lack of networks for climbers and climbing enthusiasts around the world. The objective here was to find a way to bring the best parts of the community onto a single digital platform.


As much as climbing is a solo sport, the community around climbing is very much a social and team effort. To be a better climber, you need to be able to learn from others, communicate on tough routes and collaborate on problem-solving. To this end, I sort out to create an app that brings together the best resources available to anyone in the climbing community.


Create your account

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or pro climber. All are welcome!


Set up your profile

Filter in your preferred environment, difficulty, training routes, etc.


Explore your community

Find articles, friends, climbing locations and more!


Understanding the way climbers communicate and navigate their day to day lives with the sport was a challenge, but gave me a lot of insight into how their lives are for the most part centralized around climbing.

Comprative analysis

There are little to no climbing orientated applications in the market, let alone, one that is based on the social community around climbing.


The best way to understand the target audience is to engage with them and not only analyze what they say but how they act and what their body language tells you.


Closing the loop and bring all the information together to formulate a complete platform that takes into consideration all the needs of the target audience, as well as delivering a plathera of tools and resources.


Information Architecture

Mapping out the flow of function through the platform

Wireframing layouts

Creating the step by step layout of the app to seamlessly navigate all the content 


The homepage of the app, displaying all recent posts, curated and top articles. This is a default page of the app.


These guides are curated weekly and can be saved and shared through your groups.


This page features articles that can be searched, that are featured and by authors you follow.

Curated articles

These articles are dispalyed based on your search history as well as the engagement with the groups you are part of. Featured within a finite scroll and the option to save the article.


These title page features stories from everyone you follow, suggested friends, and posts from all your buddies. You can interact with each post, like any other social media platform.


Groups can be created within your community and contacts and there is no limit on how many groups you can create. 


Chats feature texts from everyone in the group. You can add attachments, schedule climbs and interact with each text.


The maps page lets you search for climbing gyms and tagged location from those in your community and outside. You can view spots and save them for future reference.

Search filter

You can filter out any locations you search for on the map. This way you can get a curated list of locations based on your needs.


You can access your climbs, saved items and edit your profile from this page. 



Schedule climbs, events and log your daily, weekly or monthly activty.

My climbs

This page features all your personal acheivements. You can scroll through your past activity or add future plans.

Saved items

Here you can access all the resoucres you have saved through the app. From articles to posts to videos and more!

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